Bizitegi Project

This is aimed at homeless people in the area around the city of Bilbao and was set up in conjunction with the Bizitegi Association.


The aim of this programme is to provide this group with a regular activity that helps in their socialisation and empowerment process, and to promote playing sports and games and ensure their access to leisure activities. The team is currently made up of more than twenty people who are being trained by coaches from Lezama every week at a sports centre in Bilbao as part of the agreement that the Foundation has with BilbaoKirolak.

Likewise, parallel activities of a more recreational nature are carried out in conjunction with Bizitegi, aimed at strengthening the sense of belonging to the group that makes up the team, including friendly matches against other associations or Athletic Club staff. More than 96 people have been part of the Bizitegi team since it was set up in 2012.