“Ser Williams” (Being Williams) available in digital format

The Foundation provides a link on its website to download Igor Porset’s book in digital format
The Athletic Club Foundation has provided a link so that anyone can read the book “Ser Williams” (Being Williams), written by Igor Porset, in digital format. More specifically, the download link is in the section on the Foundation’s website dedicated to providing information on the publication, HERE . In addition to the digital download, the book is available free of charge, and anyone who wishes to make a donation may do so..
Igor, an Athletic Club Foundation player in our Genuine team, was born with Williams Syndrome (hence the title of the book, “Being Williams”) and in October 2021 he will be 29 years old. The book was written following the guidelines on Easy Reading to make it easier to read and understand the text. The book is being extraordinarily well received, not only in the educational centres where it has been distributed, but also hundreds of people have written an email to info@fundacionathleticclub.eus asking for a copy, thanks mainly to recommendations by word of mouth.