Serso Honduras

The Foundation runs a project in the town of Jutiapa in Honduras, in collaboration with the NGDO Serso Honduras, through which it tries to help the NGDO and educational centres in the area to strengthen their educational programmes, using sport for this purpose.


The Athletic Club Foundation contributes sports equipment to the project, as well as on-site training for Honduran educational coaches. To do this, at least once a year, coaches from the Foundation travel to Honduras to train the locals..

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  • Promotes the social inclusion of people living in violent environments.
  • Empowers people to escape the cycle of poverty.
  • Provides social, personal and educational skills for future integration into society and the workplace.
  • Promotes physical activity and healthy habits.
  • Prevents diseases and unhealthy behaviour.
  • Improves interpersonal relationships.
  • Increases self-esteem, self-confidence, empowerment and independence.
  • Improves emotional stability, concentration, handling frustration and taking responsibility.
  • Promotes self-improvement, motivation and resilience.
  • Instils educational values such as respect, cooperation, solidarity, tolerance, equality, responsibility, commitment, etc.
  • Provides opportunities for quality education.
  • Prevents truancy and improves academic performance.
  • Equips users with skills that match the demands of the labour market.
  • Makes it possible for people who are vulnerable to social exclusion to acquire the necessary skills (educational, technical and vocational competences) to access employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.
  • Ensures that there are equal conditions for personal development, social integration and productive employment.
  • Ensures the equal right to sport and participatory leisure.
  • Promotes the participation of all groups in society.
  • Provides opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion to take part in sporting activities and competitions.
  • Promotes the construction of an equitable, tolerant, safe and participatory society.
  • Regenerates public spaces for coexistence and sport, through the promotion of dialogue and consensus.
  • Combats violence and discrimination against children and young people.
  • Promotes social inclusion, equality, tolerance and teamwork.
  • Provides opportunities and tools for people at risk of social exclusion.
  • Raises awareness of the need for equal social integration and the importance of building peaceful, fair societies.