“You have made these holidays different with the challenges”

The winners of the challenge on Sustainable Tourism are already known, and you can now participate in the September challenge, the Reuse of Waste
Aimar and María Dolores have been the winners of the Sustainable Development Challenges contest for the month of August. The theme was Sustainable Tourism. Anyone could take part in the contest. All you had to do was upload a photograph of the holidays and tell why they were sustainable… It is becoming more and more difficult to choose the winners. Some participants deserve special mention, such as Alaia and Alain from Muskiz, who have submitted a lot of interesting photographs. “With the challenges, you have made these holidays different”, Alain tells us. “We really like going to the mountains, planting trees and helping with cleaning tasks. Our planet needs help and our parents tell us that it is in our hands to take care of it. ” The winner, Aimar, also likes to go to the mountains on vacation. “I always carry a bag so I don’t throw anything on the ground. We must keep it clean to prevent fires and so that other people can enjoy it. “
Alain yAlaia3
Alain Muskiz
Alaia y Alain2

Fundaziozale María Dolores has been the winner of the special surprise award for the supporters, members of the CLUB ATHLETIC. From Cartagena, where she lives, this red-and-white fan sends us a photo of the Cortina beach.

Soon the Foundation will give the awards ceremony and then María Dolores will know exactly what her special surprise award will be for being from CLUB ATHLETIC.

September challenge: waste reuse. Participates!

Here is a selection of photos of the participants in August and the link to the new Sustainable Development Challenge for the month of September, based on this occasion on the Reuse of Waste. The contest is open to all audiences. Take a photograph of an object that you have given a second life (instead of throwing it away), give it a title and tell us what it was before and what it is now… You can do it in a simple way by filling out our contest form. To participate, click HERE and help us make the world a better place. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also Fundaziozale, that is, a member of the CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise prize.

Reto Garamendi
Asier Barco Pietro
Asier Barco Pietro2
Urko Lanciano