The Bizgarri Association provides care services for children and adolescents who are in a situation of vulnerability and is part of the Children's Service of Bizkaia Provincial Council


The objective of the Bizgarri association is the welfare of children in vulnerable family situations. Children who are homeless, abandoned, vulnerable or victims of violent behaviour within their own families or relationships. Bizgarri Elkartea was created in 1992 to combat the vulnerability of minors and to strengthen their personal skills and family role. The association carries out initiatives of a preventive, educational, welfare and rehabilitative nature to promote the harmonious development of these children’s personalities in normal family life.


The Athletic Club Foundation works in collaboration with Bizgarri in its Unaccompanied Foreign Minors project, which is run in both Orduña and Urduliz. Through a weekly training session at both centres, this helps the association in its objective of helping users acquire social skills, language tools, hygiene habits and commitments that will encourage their social inclusion. Training sessions run by the Foundation’s coaches are held at the local club’s football ground in Orduña, under an agreement that the Foundation has reached with the town council and the local football club. The users of the Urduliz centre carry out regular sessions at Lezama.